Lord Cardigan

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  • PHONE. 03 9645 5305
  • 59 Cardigan Place. Albert Park Vic. 3206

Breakfast Table & Supplies for the week!

Saturday & Sunday

from 9am

Scroll down to view our Father's day Breakfast hamper!

We have a selection of pastries, sweet & savoury, for take away from the front table

Pies, pastries, muffins, tarts & more

Relishes, Pickles & Chutneys

KMCR Coffee - 250grm bags - beans & ground $12.5

Pick up meals for the week & veggie boxes to keep you happy at home! 

Toasties $12.5

Ham, cheese, tomato and dijon 

Grilled pumpkin with red capsicum, goats cheese and pesto

Egg, bacon & relish

Feel free to ring in an order for pick up 9645 5305


Take Away Breakfast Menu

PRE-ORDER & Pick Up between 9am & 11am

Granola/Porridge with poached fruits and yoghurt 12.5

Huon Smoked Salmon with poached eggs, sweetcorn fritters, dill sour cream $20

Parmesan & onion flavoured scrambled eggs with seared spinach and kaisser fleisch on sour dough $16.5

Housemade corn muffins with fried eggs, bacon, avocado and provolone cheese, tomato relish $17

Eggs Benedict/Florentine $16.5 

Eggs on toast - poached, fried or scrambled $10


Relish, dill sour cream $1

Spinach, mushroom, tomato, roesti, avocado $4

Smoked salmon, bacon, sausage, corn fritters $4.5


Breakfast Hampers

available Saturday & Sunday only

Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thank You's and any other reason you would like to spoil someone . . .

in light of the current situation - a lovely gift to leave at the front door!

The Father's Day Breakfast Hamper is designed for 2. However, if we need to make it bigger, we can, for an additional $20p/h

The hampers include . . .

1 x bottle of Da Luca Prosecco & a jar of freshly squeezed OJ (Mimosa Time!!)

OR Bloody Mary's for 2.

4 x eggs (to poach/fry/scramble/omelette)

with smoked salmon, avocado, dill sour cream and Yarra Valley salmon roe, 


with bacon, chipolata sausage, roesti potato and relish

and a loaf of our house made bread

3 x mini pastries each


Pre-order by 3pm on Saturday 5th September

Add ons . . .

250grm KMCR Coffee beans/Espresso Grind $12.5

Upgrades . . . .

replace the bottle of Prosecco with a bottle of

NV Stefano Lubiana Brut, Tasmania +$40


replace with a bottle of NV Billecart Salmon Brut, Champagne, Fr  +$60